Half Marathon Legacy Course

The Legacy Midnight Run Half Marathon in 2018 will be an out and back Half Marathon. It starts at the Davis Fairgrounds and runs along the Legacy Parkway Trail System. The advantage of this race is that it has lights from the moon overhead and two highways are giving light on either side of it. Aid stations are lit with flashing coolers, flashing christmas lights and more. Powerade and Water at all of them. The aid stations are not more than 2 miles apart. New flashing lights to add help runners see the signs along the course. Finish Line area is well lit with lazers, strobe lights, music, and more!!!

*Because the racers loved the out and back Half Marathon so much in 2017 we decided to continue it in 2018. This allows racers to show up later prior to start and not have to wait around the starting line for long periods prior to start as well.


Utah Midnight Run - Video



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